Solutions & Products

Wilson Salt

Wilson Salt is the largest supplier of salt products in Ireland. Trading as an independent wholesaler, processor and distributor of commercial salt products since 1966, Wilson Salt distributes its own range of products as well as those of the leading European suppliers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The company supplies all commercial grades of salt for use in:

• The food industry
• Water treatment
• Animal feeds
• Chemical processing
• De-icing, plus many more

Wilson Salt sources only the best quality vacuum, sea and rock salt raw materials from premium suppliers throughout Europe. All deep sea bulk shipments are arranged via our associated company Antrim Shipbrokers and received at Wilson Salt within Belfast Harbour.

Clinty Chemicals

Clinty Chemicals was created in 1978 using indigenous expertise and raw materials to produce unique water treatment chemicals and solutions with dramatically reduced environmental and carbon impact. The Company specialises in the manufacture and provision of a wide range of coagulant and flocculant solutions for use in potable water and waste water treatment in both municipal and industrial settings.

Clinty Chemicals offers a full range of CEN compliant flocculants including:

• 8% aluminium sulphate - potable water treatment.
• 11.2% ferric sulphate - potable and waste water treatment.
• FAS (ferric aluminium sulphate blend), potable and waste water treatment.

The Company also offers an extensive range of organic and inorganic polyelectrolytes and pH control chemicals. Focusing upon the proper balance between social benefit and environmental impact, Clinty Chemicals provides future proofed vertically integrated solutions to traditional water treatment problems, thereby helping our customers reduce carbon costs and the impact of our society upon the natural world.

Clinty Regen

Formed in 1997, Clinty Regen is a subsidiary of Clinty Chemicals, providing cost effective and environmentally-friendly chemi-milling solutions that reduce chemical purchase and waste streams whilst increasing plant output. The Company has a team of highly-skilled scientists, chemical engineers and process supervisors enabling companies to reduce waste and increase their own process control, gaining better efficiencies and profits through better practice. The Regen System is beneficial to the environment as it provides a way to isolate and re-use in chemical compound form the alloying metals from the chemical milling process, rendering the majority of these by-products inert.

Instead of one toxic waste stream, clients have two products:

• A cleansed, reusable, chemi-milling solution
• An aluminium trihydrate by-product which can be used to make water treatment and other industrial chemicals.

Compared to pre-Clinty Regen technology, there is now a very much smaller requirement for disposal of hazardous waste. Research is on-going to find applications for the non-aluminium alloy compounds that this sludge contains. The environmental benefits of the Regen system were recognised when the company was honoured with the prestigious Green Apple and Manufacturing Industry Achievement Awards. We are now acknowledged as an industry leader in the chemi-milling of aerospace skins and components. Clinty Regen’s expertise enables a flexible approach to accommodate the variable workflow that is part of aircraft production. Our plants can be designed to meet our customers’ specific operational needs and are available in a turnkey package to design, build and install a facility.

Antrim Shipbrokers

Antrim Shipbrokers has over twenty years’ experience as a ship broking agency within Northern Ireland. It is responsible for all deep sea bulk shipments on behalf of and received at Wilson Salt's own facilities within Belfast Harbour.